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Welcome to the Family!

Sunday Morning Worship Service, 10 am
The mission of Trinity Evangelical Church is to love God, love people, and make disciples of Jesus Christ for the glory of God.
Preach the Gospel
We are currently in a sermon series called "Ordinary, Everyday Life in Jesus."   We are looking at how Jesus, and our life with seeking to follow Him, impacts our everyday, ordinary life!   How does walking with Him change our attitudes, decisions and interactions with others.

Prayer is the foundation of who we are and what we do.  We want to be, as Jesus describes what His Father's house should be, "a house of prayer for all nations."  We have a gathering for prayer as a community of believers every Tuesday evening at 7 pm.
Plug In to Life
We believe that as we love God, He has called us to love people.  We certainly are far from perfect, and can't do that in our own strength.  But, as He has given His love to us, we seek to extend that love to others with whom we share life.
  1. Stephen Blikstad
    Stephen Blikstad
    Stephen has been our pastor since 1997. He has been married to Pam, the CFO of Medical Teams International, for 38 years. They have two grown and married children; Kirsten, (and her husband, Paul and their two children, Nolan and Norah), and Cody, their son, and his wife, Joy.
  1. Women's Bible Study
    Our women are currently meeting every other Wednesday at 6:45 pm. We are currently in a survey of the Old Testament. Next meeting is February 8th.
    Wed. 6:45 pm
  2. Men's Breakfast
    We meet once a month for a time to get together for encouragement, friendship, and growth as we journey this life of faith in Jesus together. Good food and fellowship that is also a time to just have some fun. Our next breakfast is April 1st.
    1st Sat, 8 am
  3. Sunday Morning Worship
    We are in the midst of a series called. "Everyday, Ordinary Life in Jesus". How does being a follower of Jesus affect our everyday, ordinary life? Does is make a difference? Won't you join us to find out how life with Jesus changes us so that we are more like Him.
    Sunday, 10 am
  4. Community Dinner
    Our next dinner is on Wednesday, April 12th, Please join us for a delicious dinner. It is open to all. There is no charge, though we do accept donations for the dinner. It a great time to enjoy the meal and the time together with others.
    2nd Wed. 6 pm
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